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    Top Five Tips for Learning English

    English is a notoriously difficult language to learn. Even people living in the UK and the US can have trouble picking it up. The good news is that there are some things you can do to make the process a little easier. Here are the top five tips for learning English.

    1. Immerse Yourself in English TV and Films

    Did you know that some actors have learned English through watching a lot of American and British movies? They aren’t the only ones either. It helps that some of the best TV and movies in the world come from the US and the UK. Not only are they fun for you to watch but you can also immerse yourself in the language and pick up a lot of stuff about English through them. If you’re getting more adept at learning to read English then you can increase the benefit by also turning on the subtitles. Tone and context are important in English so it really helps to see how people speak it as well as hear how they do. You can get started by watching movies and TV shows in your native language and just turning the English subtitles on so you can pick up on what the words mean when translated. Pretty soon you’ll be translating in your head without subtitles!

    2. Read In English

    Reading is another fantastic way to practice your English in your own time. Reading a book allows you to move through the book at your own pace. You can even go one word at a time if you need to. There’s also no pressure from having a teacher standing over you. There’s no harm or shame in starting with a children’s book either. You’re a beginner after all. It’s also good to pick up an English newspaper from time to time. Not only will you learn more about the language but you’ll also learn more about the country and culture.

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    3. Make Labels

    One way to bring learning English into your home is to just label things in your home with their English names. Just pick up a pack of labels and then write the English word for things in your home on the labels and apply them. That way whenever you walk past the phone, fridge, shower, and anything else you choose to label you have a reminder of what the English word for it is. This is a great way for beginners to start to pick up the language.

    4. Get some English Friends

    If you don’t interact with people who speak English outside of the classroom then it can hamper your learning speed. You should try and make friends who speak English. This forces you to speak more English and helps you become adept at holding a conversation in English. Remember that there is a big difference between knowing the words of a language and actually using them in conversation.

    5. Practice, Practice, Practice!

    The key to learning English is to use your English whenever you get a chance to and to not confine yourself to only speaking English in the classroom. You should find time to visit the library and study your notes. Write things down in English and speak to other English speakers whenever you get the chance. When you go to bed at night take a look at your English notes and try to memorize words and phrases as you fall asleep. You can even try and learn a new word or two during breakfast. The key thing is that you never stop learning.

    English can be a hard language to learn but with a little help and a little effort on your part it can be made simpler. Immerse yourself in the language and constantly and consistently practice your English and you’ll be well on your way to learning one of the most useful languages you can know.

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